To me, sports are supposed to be relatable to the same game we play as kids in the backyard. But in the 21st century, with all the ads and adjustments to the rules for TV ratings, just like BASEketball discussed, we’re losing the real spirit.

Take the Golden State Warriors as the prime example. Clearly, LeBron James represents this generation of basketball. But even he sold out his Gs in Miami to surround himself with perimeter threats in Cleveland. This is not the game I fell in love with. Gary Payton, the “hand-check,” and 3-point defense no longer exist, and instead, young people are in love with Curry-clown ball.

NEVER has an MVP played such porous D. The Warriors never paid any dues, raped us after the rule changes, and you’re all sucking their collective cock… not me. Not oldschool. Not 90’s basketball, and not anyone with a memory beyond 2015. Fuck the Finals!