Now THAT was fun, huh, white people?! Nothing like some wine to wash down that awkwardness, eh?

We’ve seen Barack Obama obliterate many of his victims at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Last year he used Key & Peele’s “Angry Obama” character to keep it real with Republicans who refuse to participate in politics, and Donald Drumpf was the best, being reduced to the ant he really is inside that hair pieced-buffoon Halloween costume he calls a home, illustrating that decisions in the oval office entail beyond a, “You’re Fired.”

In just a year’s time, Drumpf is the Republican front-runner, and many of the members in attendance are to blame. Obama called out how a campaign designed for free advertising has been given daily exposure on so-called major news outlets. The comedian who followed the President was not shying away from any attack. He, too, raised several serious questions about how this country now operates.

During the dinner, this graphic kept popping up calling for a vote in an online poll, “DO YOU THINK OBAMA IS FUNNY?” Stop what you’re watching and participate in a rushed-out survey, don’t do one thing at a time… tweet! And as soon as the night ended, a round table of every voting demographic dissected something we just saw without time to process.

With the non-stop bottomline and endless graphics, CNN has stooped to the level of ESPN and Fox News, who could care less about quality reporting when ratings are at stake.

Dude was telling it like it is. Without the promotion of America’s media machine, would we even be facing a Hitlerian-like dictating madman for office?