I thought my Broncos won Super Bowl 50 and the NFL season was over. Nope. Watching some amazing Gs wearing the winged-wheel get pushed around by constant clutching, grabbing, cheap-shotting, illegal hitting, and general dirtiness AGAIN was fucked. They always do it to Detroit because we have the most talented skaters and they can’t catch up.

THEN, in the NBA, they basically allowed the Cavs and LeBron to bowling ball their way down the lane no matter how many Pistons were properly positioned. Even though we might not have won the series, we’d have returned home more than empty-handed.

What can you do? Our collective memory is so short-term no one remembers there was a New York Mafia paid ref in the playoffs IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Steve Nash?!?! And then when it’s happening to your team up close and personal, you know it’s wrong, but who else is really watching? Other Cleveland fans and the unobserved, casual drunk ass just clicking though. There are about 30 teams in every league, and often, yours gets overlooked unless you have a prima donna superstar in his prime.

Watching the Tigers yesterday, they’re so money… and it’s only April but you can’t help but wonder… it’ll take six months of work though, and our manager is still fucked. So look at the Pistons and Red Wings: they started this journey in October and worked their asses off to make the playoffs. If you told me I’d watch baseball for the next however many months and then be disappointed so soon in round one…

Well I’d call that pretty fucking unfair and awfully uncool. And that’s the feeling you’re left with when you take back-to-back stomach punches. Doesn’t mean I’m not entirely proud of my Motown athletes… just means we’re all still catching our breath.