In Chicago, the Detroit Pistons grinded out a tough victory between two teams fighting for their playoff lives.

Maybe it was ugly for an outsider, but this was classic Bulls-Pistons basketball. It stayed within five either way pretty much non-stop. We trailed one after one, and led by one at halftime.

It was a pretty balanced effort. Andre Drummond struggled at the free throw line, so Marcus Morris stepped up hitting his usual difficult, clutch shots, Tobias Harris contributed with some nice drives, and Reggie Jackson and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope held down the backcourt all night.

We went on a mini-run to end the 3rd up 75-70. But upon entering the 4th, they quickly tied it where it sat… Detroit finally looked like they’d won it up seven under a minute to go, but a 3 + a turnover = a two-point game. Jackson drew a hairline blocking foul to seal the game with 20 seconds left.