Now that’s a reality TV show I’d watch! I don’t know what the young Pistons would do without their Aussie hustler off the bench. The approach he brings each and every night is carrying us in the clutch when our young minds wander.

There are times we look really, really good, and times we look really bad, as Marcus Morris correctly predicted before the season knowing our age. We’ll grow over time, but with Brandon Jennings and Ersan Illyasova gone, the experience is limited to guys who have played less than five years in the league.

Baynes goes so hard every second. He’s a delight in the postgame conference, well-spoken, composed, intelligent, offering insightful analysis and basketball strategy. I’d love to know more about the pimp…

He leads by example crashing the boards and knowing defense is where we begin in Detroit. He goes so hard, shows endless tenacity and no fear. If we can all emulate the big man for 48 minutes, we’d finish games up a lot more…

Here’s some tidbits about his Olympic qualification:

Detroit Pistons center Aron Baynes says he’s pumped for the Rio Olympics after being named this week to the Australian national team.

Baynes, who competed for Australia at the London Olympics in 2012, is one of seven Aussies playing in the NBA, along with Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova, Cameron Bairstow, Dante Exum and Joe Ingles. There’s also a chance that LSU sensation Ben Simmons is eligible to join the team at Rio.

“Looking forward to it,” Baynes said at Pistons practice [last] week. “We are a bunch of mates who get together in the off-season. We are lucky enough to be playing for our country. It is something we are all very proud of. We think we have a great team, and it’s just about coming together and playing as a team. We’ve been building towards (the Rio Games) for the last eight years, and everyone is healthy at the moment. We just have to stay this way and we will be in with a good shot.”

Source: Detroit Pistons’ Aron Baynes proud to be on Aussie Olympic squad