When Drumpf tricks you into getting angry, you have to stop and re-gain your civility before you go down his road of hate. Think OF EVERY villain, whether it’s Star Wars trying to sucker Luke to the dark side with it’s “power” or the ring in LOTR… by fighting anger with anger a la Sanders, you are giving in to the forces of evil. For real.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gives off the exact opposite vibration as a woman: she’s calm, cool, and collected, consistently hammering the details while the old white men stand up there stammering, stuttering with their finger pointed.

An election is supposed to be the most meaningful job interview our country offers, and instead, money has hijacked it. EVERYTHING DRUMPF stands for involves business and MONEY and greed. Electing him to somehow rid us of those things is insane. He’s a dictator in training and it’s a shame that the Sanders crowd is echoing his over-the-topness.

A real politician just does her job and goes to work. If we don’t stand for this overqualified woman, then what does that say about our collective American balls?

Not so big right now…