I felt like we went into their arena, hijacked momentum, and rode it to a nice road victory in a raucous sell-out.

Reggie Jackson put an exclamation point on the win with a deep 3, and it took many big shots by Detroit in a 102-96 victory to secure the contest. Marcus Morris hit a pair of 3s in the 4th and took a flagrant foul on a final steal, stepping in front of a pass to Dirk Nowitzki, who was open in the corner for the three.

Steve Blake was also instrumental with some on the fly thinking in the final quarter. He took it to the rim, didn’t have anywhere to pass, so he just went up and under for the score. Then, on a steal, he caught the loose ball and pulled up, draining a 3 on consecutive possessions.

Andre Drummond had a first half 20 and was an anchor all night long in the paint, a key weakness for the Mavs. He finished with nearly 20-20 and didn’t succumb to their hack-a-bullshit.

Dallas should have kept deferring to Dirk, who was still tough to contain. Instead, we went right at them all night long, leading to a big game from Tobias Harris as well. Where is your swag, Rick Carlisle?