When I signed with the Detroit Lions I met a young man by the name of Calvin Johnson Jr…a humble superstar who spoke with his actions not his words. After watching him during our first practice together I knew I was going to be witness to something very special. In the 4 years I was there I saw him evolve from really good to great to unstoppable. I can only describe it like a Super Hero realizing his Super Powers one day at a time until he realized he was there to save the city. CJ is a man of few words but I knew by how much he loved Detroit and by his work ethic I realized he embraced the responsibility of bringing pride to Michigan which HE DID time & time again. It was a pleasure to watch, honor to play with and joy to kick it wit you bro. You gave the game everything you had in every game you played and out worked every dollar you made. You are one of few shinning examples of how I will not only teach my kids to approach sports but how to approach life. I Never told you in person but this is how I saw you when we played together… ☆You stood like a Giant amongst Boys, toiled like a Peasant amongst Kings and Blessed us with your presence like a God amongst Men☆ You may be Megatron to the masses but you just CJ to me. Enjoy retirement homie! Love, Nate B #LionBloodForever

Source: Social media reaction: Calvin Johnson retires

Golden Tate III: “I want to say thank you Calvin for showing me consistently what it’s like to be the greatest. I’m incredibly humbled and thankful to have played 2 years with ya. What you did for the Lions organization, the game , and kids with big dreams will ALWAYS be cherished. The way you carried yourself on and off field , in the community, and your walk in faith painted a perfect picture of what the greatest should look like. Again, THANK YOU, we will miss ya out there. However I bet the Bears, Packers, Vikings DBs have been praying for this day for years. 😂😂”

Matthew Stafford:

“Calvin Johnson will be missed by fans everywhere for his heroic efforts on Sundays, there is no question about that.

“My teammates and I will miss him for those same efforts within the walls of our practice facility and the class he showed in both arenas.

“I will always remember when he broke Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving record and all of the big plays he made, thinking, ‘Did he really just come down with that one?’

“It was such an honor to play the game with one of the best of all time. I will cherish the lessons I learned from him and the friendship we have forged over the past seven years.

“He is truly one of a kind in his humility and grace both on and off the field.

“We have all learned from Calvin with how he treated his family, his work and his friends.

“I am excited to see what the rest of his life brings and I know he will be successful in any endeavor he puts his mind and heart in to.

“Thanks for all the memories, C!

“Love ya, man.”

(source MLive)

“I’ve had the good fortune during my career to coach and be around some of the greatest players to ever play this game. And although I’ve only been with Calvin for two years, I can tell you that not only is he as good as any player I’ve ever seen, but I am convinced that God has not put a finer person on this earth than Calvin Johnson.

“He truly is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met and I have as much respect for him as anyone I know. Calvin’s character, integrity, selflessness and humility are unmatched. His exemplary work ethic and approach to the game of football made everyone around him better.

“And while we will undoubtedly miss Calvin on the field, I am at peace with his decision knowing he arrived at it with a lot of thought, consultation and prayer.”