Tough night for snarf and the city of Detroit. My Pistons and Red Wings were both on national TV. The Pistons were looking fine in the first half, almost able to become the only team to win in San Antonio. Instead, we collapsed with too many turnovers and frantic play in the 3rd quarter, ultimately losing by double-digits.

I looked down at the bottom line and the poor Wings trailed 3-0 to the fagHawks. They scored but couldn’t win, either…

Leaving the Clippers for the final game, which was also televised, between LA and OKC. Unfortunately, we, too, looked like it’d be a long night, down 20 at halftime and 17 entering the 4th. We rallied to start the final frame, but Doc took a timeout at the eight minute mark with the deficit still 16.

Then, we hit some shots. Down 14 with five minutes to go, Wesley Johnson hit back-to-back 3s to cut the lead to 8. Billy Donovan called timeout – hard to believe he replaced Scott Brooks. Westbrook and Durant kept turning it over (six total times in the 4th), stepping out of bounds and making poor passes. Jamal Crawford took a steal to the rack. Six.

Chris Paul was making decisive moves, dropping 13 dimes and going to lay it in when no one obstructed him. Him and Crawford fed the big man DeAndre Jordan down the stretch, who laid it in to cut it to four. Paul laid it up for a two-point deficit with two minutes to go. On the next possession after Durant scored, Jordan caught an alley-oop from Paul while being fouled and finished! He made the free throw. DOWN ONE.

That’s when we trapped WeakBrook and he stepped out of bounds. Paul proceeded to miss a jumper, which Jordan rebounded and put back while AGAIN being fouled! He cashed that in, too, for the two-point lead with a minute to play.

After they missed, Crawford attacked the basket and BANKED it home from mid-range! Up four, they called a foul for Durant, but he missed the first free throw. We would miss with 13 seconds remaining, allowing one last 3 to tie it… which WestBrick violently heaved with plenty of time left and missed badly!

J.J. Redick iced the game and the Clippers completed an all-time comeback on a night SNARF HAD TO GET HIMSELF A WIN! YES!