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Good Work, Red Wings & Pistons

While I was at my mom’s I couldn’t witness the Pistons ball out against the Raptors. Boy, did they hound them and attack the rim en route to another victory. It’s all about plugging away at this point. One win at a time will separate you entirely from the field in the end. NO ONE IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE IS BETTER THAN THE DETROIT PISTONS. NO ONE. (When we play up to our full potential, of course… 48 minutes of focus, defense, and intensity combined with better coaching from Stan Van should at least keep us in contention.)

Tonight, the Wings faced a similar experience to Colorado, an old Western Conference foe who reminded us of how hard we have to skate sometimes against a dirty team. Dallas clutched and grabbed all night, but they let ’em play. We took a 1-0 lead halfway through the second on speedster #72 Andreas’ goal. He also put us up 2-1 and it seemed as though we’d win…

Jimmy Howard was sensational in net. Without him, there’s no overtime after we allowed an empty-netter. And their only other goal looked like they kicked it in. Howard was helping out while Petr Mrazek was dealing with a groin issue, and he looked like his usual self. We won it for him in OT on a 4-on-3 attack from Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, who cashed in the game winner.

Good to see our city showing just how well we can play, even under difficult circumstances, the Red Wings on the road and the young Pistons against a top team. Do the little things and we’ll all get to keep playing, eh?

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    March 2, 2016    

    …….. gutsy jimmy shuts em down…….all show and no go for Dallas who got spotted a cheap goal and still sucked.

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