Last night, my brother and I went to my mother’s for her birthday. We talked a lot about how fucked Donald Drumpf is, and cosmically, our boy John Oliver pumped out a 21-minute tutorial on just what a fraud the Republican front-runner is (

It reminded me a lot of South Park. This has to be taken seriously before we surrender ourselves to this dictator-like madman. We need everyone to vote for anyone other than that fucker tomorrow, Super Tuesday.

Oliver essentially kung-fu’d Drumpf. He let the supporters speak, then slowly disproved their reasoning for liking the failed business man in devastating fashion. The guy believes so much of his own bullshit, it was nice to see some real reporting owning all his failed business ventures, lack of self-funding to begin his career and to finance his campaign, his constant contradictions and failures to follow through on anything he says, plus a LACK OF actually BUILDING anything, not participating more than as a brand name.

And Oliver exposed the name, not really his family’s true surname, as what this fool hypothetically believes is synonymous with success when in fact it represents racism, greed, a lack of accountability, failed businesses, failed vodka, failed steaks at sharper image, failed mortgage companies RIGHT BEFORE the housing crash, failed magazines failed airliners… he’s nothing more than the mascot of his own disasters, aptly named DRUMPF in reality!

God Bless Oliver and South Park for not letting us laugh our way to this snarf getting sworn into office. TOMORROW IS A HUGE DAY, and I believe when you all wake up tomorrow you will remember your family and what really matters to you and do the right thing.

*For more information visit and #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain