Albeit, the cotton-winter classic, what with the fake cotton snow blowing all over the ice in Denver! Nonethless, the resilient Red Wings beat their old rivals 5-3 in Colorado.

Detroit played the Avalanche in an old-timers game last night, featuring all our hall of famers against their hall of shamers. We are so classy, we were even willing to skate with Claude Lemeiux.

It brought back a lot of memories to see our boys. Steve Yzerman back in a Red Wings jersey? C’mon. And remembering just how dirty the Avs were and all that we overcame, culminating in a game seven conference final BLOW OUT to claim our 3rd cup of the era, really fired up all us fans that experienced that generation.

We aren’t weak or soft, but sometimes we are so fancy that the other teams beat us up just to compete. That’s Colorado, then and now.

We saw it last night when they blocked our goalie and checked us without any good shooting or puck handling or passing, going on to even cheat as old men. And today, we’re up 1-0 early, then all of a sudden it’s 2-1 and they’re holding us every chance they get – even our sticks when we tried to score.

No one scored the whole second period with that wind whipping the cotton-snow everywhere. WTF? Petr Mrazek had marched out of the tunnel ready to whoop some ass, and he put up a wall even with them in his crease. We showed more tenacity in the final period, going up 3-2. But, they quickly tied it on a defensive breakdown.

We never gave up and re-took the lead in the final minute, securing the victory with an empty-netter. Not only did we win, but we can learn so much from our past against these fuckers. The current team is similarly talented, it’s just crucial to stand up for ourselves.