What a weekend. My boy Peyton is playing in his fourth championship game, the world has descended on New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and last night the WWE sponsored the 2016 Insult-fest Rumble in New Hampshire.

I’m only sort of kidding about that last one — for those who indulged, the GOP candidates took the debate stage again, and again, we heard their dangerous and bananas plans for our country.

Do they think this is the 1950’s?! On what planet can you alienate women, Muslims, people of color, and gay people and still get the privilege of representing us on the world stage?

Mark my words: The only person standing between the whackadoodles on the other side and the White House is my friend Hillary. She has years of practice standing up to Republicans and winning. No matter how many insults and baseless allegations they throw at her, she comes out stronger, she finds common ground, and she just gets things done.

But she’s got to be our nominee first to get there, and our side of the race is tight. While I like Bernie enough, we don’t need a revolution. We need a productive conversation, and Hillary’s the only person who can get us there.

-James Carville