How did we just win that game?! Gheesh.

While the boys tangoed in LA, Michigan traveled to Indiana for a battle at 3:30 ET, too. By halftime, the basketball game had nearly ended.

I stressfully kept watching the updates scroll across the gayest invention ever, the bottomline during the Pistons-Clippers. While I wasn’t too worried (Michigan kept appearing to score TDs), Indiana also kept scoring, albeit by kicking field goals. As that 1st half lingered on, it was 21-9, until Indiana punched in their first touchdown. The Wolverines wisely tacked on a FG before halftime to lead 24-16.

Right as the basketball game’s ending, literally while I’m mid-sentence with oldschool, I choke on my words upon seeing the Hoosiers scored right away into the 2nd half to only trail one. By the time I’m able to turn it (after a beautiful, blistering bball game), we’re actually losing, 24-26. WTF?

But we’re driving, and we advance it deep into their territory – before 3 TD 0 INT Jake Ruddock gets intercepted for the first time. And now it’s the 4th Quarter.

Luckily, the D held, giving us another drive. We put together a nice one, reaching the one-yard line before a false start moved us back. With six minutes left, Michigan settled for a field goal to re-take the lead.

Unfortunately, Michigan could not contain the run for some foreign reason. Indiana marched right down like we were their bitch, taking a five-point lead on a strong run with three minutes to go. When it was reviewed, if he’d been down shy of the goalline, we’d likely have run out of clock.

Nonetheless, fired-up Indiana converted the two effortlessly to lead 27-34.

First of all, the Wolverines nearly broke the kickoff, getting tackled by the last chance defender near the 35-40. Ruddock quickly crossed midfield under the two-minute mark.

That’s when we went deep. With the backs of two defenders facing him, #15 reared back and let it fly, converting a deep bomb to his main man all game long, #86.

Around the five-yard line, we again struggled to punch it in. A couple scrambles bought us a few yards, but an outside sweep was denied on 3rd down with six seconds to play – good thing Harbaugh had one timeout.

The season flashed before my eyes: it wouldn’t have been completely over, but any Big Ten title chances and for sure any National Championship hopes would have ended.

INSTEAD, Ruddock hit his target in the center of the end zone for the score. As amazing a triumph as it was, we still trailed one. And a bad snap ensued, but thank god, we held onto it and kicked it just through the uprights.

Jesus! Off to overtime.

Indiana got first possession, and it wasn’t pretty. Their RB was tearing us apart, going right up the middle. By the time (near the goalline) that we applied some pressure, it was too late, and they scored the TD.

Michigan’s turn, ball at the 25. Two, three plays later: touchdown Jake Butt right over the middle.

After switching ends, Michigan went first this time. Snap – pump fake – touchdown! Corner of the end zone just like that –> Wolverines lead 48-41.

The pressure was on the Hoosiers, but we again let #8 run almost into our end zone. But we straightened up and stranded them near the five. On third down, we put them down at the two.

It was far enough away that they foolishly tried to pass on 4th and final down. INCOMPLETE – WOLVERINES WIN!

We escaped with a miracle, baby!