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Billy Joel Sings National Anthem in New York at World Series

Detroit Plants Flag in Central Division

That’s a Detroit stake that the Pistons just drove through the hearts of every Bulls fan and the city of Chicago. Pow! Once again, ugly. And that’s just the way we like it. Screw the 3. Fuck glamorous basketball. Give us that defense! These are the types of games we’d lost in seasons past when our shots […]

THE Louie C.K.

Cat Stevens – Angelsea 

Trust Yourself – BOBBIE D

Pistons Run It Back

More rough shooting, but more hustle and more defense equals more winning. Detroit played back-to-back games, traveling from the ATL back home, where the Utah Jazz were waiting to begin their season. I think we may have finally broke the Trey Burke curse. Remember, the Pistons passed on their home state standout, the national player […]

South Park Does It Again

Beatles – When I’m Sixty-Four

Happy Birthday Oldschool!

The Game & Skrillex – “El Chapo” 




I might be the biggest Pistons fan in the world, and even $narf was pleasantly surprised to see his team dominate last year’s team with the best Eastern Conference record. Besides some bench stretches, Detroit looked the superior team for 48 minutes in Atlanta. Yeah, on the road. And we’re young as fuck. It’s year […]

World Champion U.S. Soccer Team Honored at White House

World Champion U.S. Soccer Team Honored at White House

President Obama welcomed our glorious world champion’s to the White House this morning! “This team taught all America’s children that playing like a girl means you’re a badass,” Obama said. “This victory was about more than soccer. It was about dominance, and skill, and inspiring our whole country. “The’ve inspired millions of girls to dream […]

Darkwing Duck

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Oldschool, “……………..they were both a couple of nuts back in the day…………..but you get yourself some leather and pow……… your flying an airplane……….saving the babes!”

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