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Neville’s Final Speech to Voldemort

I just adore Harry Potter because he is so brave. Unlike his counterpart, evil Voldemort, Harry has no fear of death in the end – while Tom Riddle desperately tries in vain to live forever. Fuck him, fuck being afraid, and fuck death: live in the moment without fear and be free, snarfs.

Nothing that is loved is ever lost; it’s real, Gs, we’re in this together.

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  1. M. Potvin M. Potvin
    March 31, 2017    

    Nice one! This scene always makes me shivers. Wise words.

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      March 31, 2017    

      I know, isn’t Harry Potter the man?

      • M. Potvin M. Potvin
        March 31, 2017    

        Oh definitely, but Neville has blossomed through the whole story to become a very brave man too. He was such a little clumsy botanic nerd in the begining <3

        • Young $narf Young $narf
          March 31, 2017    

          Yes… he is certainly the man, too!

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