Ronda Rousey has officially won me over. Her dominance and personality are spectacular, forcing me to finally appreciate properly.

First, let’s do the background. Going into this fight, MMA and UFC seemed like a clown sport. And it is very reckless, and most of the athletes (especially the men) do look like clowns in their gay ass diapers trying to be badass. And much of the culture was built on douche.

But Rousey is one of a kind and we should enjoy her while we can. Her own story is brilliant: her mom was a real athlete herself. According to her Wikipedia page, she was the first man or woman ever from the United States to become the World Judo Champion. Her daughter followed in her footsteps, winning a junior gold medal and the bronze in the 2008 olympics.

And you must love her charisma. She calls out the steroid cyborgs, is pretty damn sexy, and stays down to earth. And this is what she dealt with facing her opponent Saturday night.

Bethe Correia was so desperate, she made crude suicide remarks leading up to the fight, saying she hoped Ronda didn’t kill herself once she lost her undefeated status. Rousey’s father died of suicide, and the remarks brought her to tears. SO what’d Correia do? She got right in her face at the weigh in and said, “Don’t cry.”

It seemed pretty fucked up. But don’t worry: it took Rousey 34 seconds to knock the bitch out, and then she got right above her and said, “Don’t cry.”

Your undefeated champion (call her Mayweather).

*Rousey was so badass, she let the fight be in Brazil – where her opponent Correia was from. She said she wanted to beat her as humiliating as possible with every advantage at her disposal. Mission accomplished. It was furthermore personal because she’s beaten two of Rousey’s friends; it was Rocky all over again.

Here are some of her highlights: