We all got our tiny little collective-basketball hearts broken tonight in Cleveland. It wasn’t our fault, but it stings nonetheless.

An early Cavalier jump-start showed some promise until the first quarter’s wheels fell off. A lot of nervous energy translated to too many turnovers and scattered defense, even letting 3-point shooters get open. It was 28-15 Warriors after one.

Then, somehow, Cleveland completely turned around the game. Already earning free throws to start, they continued to keep Golden State in foul trouble the whole first half. It didn’t take long with Klay Thompson sitting to cut the lead in half. And with the rest of the 2nd spent in the bonus, LeBron James and the Cavaliers crawled within five. Finally, on a putback slam with seconds left on the clock, it was a one possession game at halftime.

With all the home momentum, everything was going Cleveland’s way as they tied it to begin the third quarter and soon took a small lead. Then, the defense slipped. A couple turnovers and fast-breaks later, the deficit was back to double-digits. The energy was off for most the rest of the the 2nd half. Frantic, anxious play ruined a potential comeback.

In the end, a barrage of 3s created at least some final hope, but ultimately those ALL IN with Cleveland (and especially real Cavaliers) will only be left wondering what could have been…