Detroit led off with consecutive quick at-bats, and the rain was pouring on a warm day in St. Louis.

Miguel Cabrera, #24 of the Tigers, stepped up to bat. He worked a full count after fouling off an array of pitches, then crushed one right back to dead center (like last night).

Welcome to the 400 club, Miggy. Add to your list, number nerds – any way you spin it, the “Big Cat” put us up 1-0 in the 1st.

Price struggles with his command early. Right after that bomb, maybe two pitches into Dave’s first batter, the rain forced a delay for over an hour. Dave surrendered three solo home runs on the day, all on change-ups left up in the strike zone. Never stop trusting your Tigers behind you, aces.

We scored two more runs in large part thanks to Rajai Davis’ triple. It stayed 3-3 through some impressive Tigers defense. The Cardinals could have won twice. First, on a double to the wall with a man on second, they only advanced to third because the runner thought it’d be caught. Then, “Big Cat” saved the day on a spinning throw in the late innings for a double play.

The runner was on second base and when Cabrera caught the foul ball almost out of play, the St. Louis snarf tagged up and went for third. That’s when Mr. 400 fired a guided missile to end the threat that would have been in scoring position on only one out.

Off to extra innings. In the 10th, Jose Iglesias got the game-winning single with two outs and J.D. Martinez on base. Joakim Soria finished off the win thanks to more defense from his boys behind him. Always know, we got your back.