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Mayweather Reigns Supreme

Everyone has to give the undefeated “Money Man” his due. And where’s he from? Oh yeah, look to your left.

The only knock anyone ever had was that Floyd Mayweather Jr. hadn’t really fought anyone – now, he has at least put to rest that doubt. Manny “Spazzman” Pacquiao landed the least number of punches he’s had since 2009 in a unanimous Mayweather win.
Comically, the fight was delayed 45 minutes because so many mother fuckers tried to last-minute order on pay-per-view that the systems crashed! I was still drunk from game seven when I saw it was beginning with oldschool.

I know he’s an asshole (so you say) and arguably a horrible human being, but he’s the best goddamn boxer and a hell of a show man. And there’s nothing you can say about that.

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    May 4, 2015    

    ….Money man rules!!…Manny looked like a washed up gym rat…I haven’t seen a sunken chest like that since Treasure Island.

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      May 5, 2015    

      Manny still doesn’t know where he is… maybe he can buy an internal compass and reroute out of drunken fooladelphia

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