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Serena Williams Is Australian Open Champion

Williams took down Maria Sharapova (6-3), (7-6) to win the first major championship of the tennis season. It is her sixth Australian Open title.


Praise Jehovah God!

Serena dominated the opening set, breaking the poor tiny twig of a white girl three times. That serve. Sharapova did battle back in the second set, though, and neither woman could break the other, forcing a tiebreaker. Williams finished her off for a 7-5 victory.

I credit Maria for being a damn graceful runner-up. She really praised Serena as the best and said what an honor it was to play against her. Those championship tennis speeches are so raw – it’s not like in any other sport.

It is now 19 major singles title for our girl. She gave an emotional speech about her upbringing, reminding everyone just how far she’s come since being a child in Compton learning tennis with her sister and father. Since busting onto the scene at 17, she has been a breakthrough role model in our white world, breaking the color barrier along with Venus in a mostly white sport.

Serena passes both Chris Everett and Martina Navratilova for second all-time in grand slam titles. But, she also went 13-0 with Venus in double’s finals, too. And won that 2012 gold medal. Not to mention two mixed major championships as well.

She is the greatest player in the history of women’s tennis. Next up: Steffi Graf’s 22.

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