Get used to it, motherfuckers: it’s never going to change. The NBA thinks we’re they’re goddamn little runt. We get no respect, we’ll never be treated like a true contender, and we’re considered the shit of Los Angeles.

Seriously, GET — USED TO IT. THIS IS WHAT IT IS. Every fake fan can shove it right up their ass, none of you have any idea where the Clippers have been. THAT MEANS YOU, TOO, ANIMATED OWNER. Stop sitting behind the hoop like a child – do you have any idea what it took to get here?

The Clippers and Thunder picked up right where they left off last season. WE HATE THEM AND THEY LOVE ACTING A FAG. Seriously, Westbrook & Durant: Karma will get you (oh, wait…)

Oklahoma City was allowed to come out and bully their way to an early lead. If Spazzbrook doesn’t leave with a busted hand, they probably beat us. We tried to build a lead, going up by five at halftime. But the world hates us. The NBA hates us. Look at how they rigged the playoffs in years past – you think professional sports is honest?

I feel like we’re not even allowed to exist. Like the definition of an “ugly Betty.” Despite going up ten with five minutes to go, the wheels came off just like in the playoffs last season. It was truly a bloody miracle we won this game, but I’ll tell you something going into Halloween’s Lakers game: I’ve had enough.