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Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


TheSportingSnarf  is a website dedicated to the enjoyable, humorous, and nuanced aspects of the sporting and (to a lesser extent) pop-culture world.  We attempt to touch upon (in varying degrees of print/video length) engaging topics which are not discussed nearly enough. We’d love for you to give us your perspective, network, and participate regularly. But if you’d just like to join in on the mob-mentality and get all sanctimonious on a particular sports figure — head on over to (Mickey Mouse welcomes you.) Or you can keep it real with us.

Detroit Walks-Off White Sox

It looked so easy – Detroit sailed through eight David Price innings without allowing a run. Then, a 3-0 lead evaporated in the 9th. Rajai Davis scored our first run, going from first to second on a hit-and-run, then stealing third base and advancing home on an errant throw to the outfield. The Tigers were […]

Daniele Watts Acts a Crybaby

Daniele Watts Acts a Crybaby

This girl cried wolf to the NAACP saying her and her boyfriend were racially profiled. Now, the information has come to light that they were banging in her car. Watts’ obnoxious acting stood out to me in Weeds. This girl has some issues! In her TMZ audio, she won’t give the officer her ID for no reason. The little […]

Valiant Peyton Comeback

Manning scored two fourth quarter touchdowns, including one with under twenty seconds left to force overtime in Seattle. His drive took forty seconds without any timeouts left. The Super Bowl rematch was much more respectable, even without the neutral field. Denver’s much improved defense only allowed three points in the second half. Unfortunately, they won the […]

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