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Monthly archives for September, 2014

Manny Pacquiao Needs to Look in the Mirror

Manny Pacquiao Needs to Look in the Mirror

Manny Pacquiao says Floyd Mayweather Jr. ‘should fear God’ – ESPN. Dude, you cheated on your wife and only ran to god because you were a steroid-taking alcoholic. Here’s what Mayweather had to say:

Detroit Tigers’ Champagne AL Central

Congratulations, boys!


Best Day Ever.



It’s All Confirmed: Mickey Mouse Runs the Show

The powers that be at ESPN have issued strict orders to the on-air talent … DO NOT DISCUSS THE BILL SIMMONS SUSPENSION. We spoke with sources at ESPN who tell us … “On a corporate level, they told us not to talk about it.” So far, we’re told the talent is falling in line — […]

Derek Jeter – My Way

Another Snarf Production:

ESPN Chooses NFL Over “Sports Guy”

That’s how you run a journalistic enterprise: suspend one of your writers for stating the facts everyone already knows! Just like when you pulled out of Playmakers, huh? The ESPN likes it’s Monday Night Football. So, Simmons, you going public?

Daily Show Doubles Down on Redskins

I think you’ve had enough… No – now you’ve had enough. (Bitch.)  

South Park’d Redskins Bad Karma Carries Over

What are the odds that the Redskins would play on Thursday Night Football this week, the day after South Park eviscerated them on national television? For their season opener, the racist Redskins were properly called out on South Park. Then, they lost (at home) 45-14. Forty-five to fourteen. Eli Manning threw four touchdowns and ran for one […]

They Don’t Write Them Any Better Than This

It was the final home game at Yankee Stadium of Derek Jeter’s career. The Yankees led 5-2 going into the 9th inning. Baltimore hit a two run homer to trail 5-4. They tied it up on a solo home run. All of that had to happen so that in the bottom of the 9th, it could be […]

Scherzer & Bullpen Guide Detroit

Max Scherzer pitched six innings, allowing just two runs on a 5th inning double. He stayed through the sixth with over 100 pitches, setting up our bullpen. Joakim Soria, Joba Chamberlain, and Joe Nathan swept the relief innings, going 1-2-3 each time. Our run support was infrequent but apparent from the start. Victor Martinez launched […]

Incredible High School Football Speech

The Day South Park Burned the NFL to the Ground

With a Washington Redskins firework display.

A Snarf Lights Tigers’ Fire

A Snarf Lights Tigers’ Fire

Blame $narf. I woke up groggy, and my Tigers seemed to display the same lethargy for much of the game. You know, just like the last two – great pitching while our offense just couldn’t score in the early innings. The White Sox struggled mightily off of Justin Verlander, scoring their only run on a […]

Detroit Walks-Off White Sox

It looked so easy – Detroit sailed through eight David Price innings without allowing a run. Then, a 3-0 lead evaporated in the 9th. Rajai Davis scored our first run, going from first to second on a hit-and-run, then stealing third base and advancing home on an errant throw to the outfield. The Tigers were […]

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