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Brazil Defends Homefield in Shootout Over Chile

Chile tied it at one in the first half and that’s where it stayed – through extra periods and on to a shootout.

Both teams were tremendously exciting, matched by the class of announcing, the English. Many shots just missed through some real nerves with Brazil’s home crowd behind them. These stakes have to be seen to really witness the intensity of these atmospheres, between the fans and the fact that this only gets played every four years. There is some amazing energy going on in these final 16 after what it took to get here. Now, every game and often goal is the team’s life and death.

In the penalty kick’s Brazil led 2-0 before Chile tied it with one try apiece remaining. Neymar stuttered and nailed his shot, setting up the dramatic climax. The older English announcer, “…no pressure here,” and Chile’s final shot hits off the right goal post and bounces away for Brazil’s win!

I saw Neymar crying his eyes out.

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    June 29, 2014    

    …….. Chilean appocalypto offense had the right idea but Brasil goalkeeping was superb…….and host team owns the post!

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      June 30, 2014    


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