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Sad Revelations: Macklemore = Sellout

The decisions Macklemore is making are more than tasteless. They are, in a way, changing his music, twisting and adding meaning that I don’t believe he intends—meaning that is, I think, destructive.

Consider the evolution of “Wing$,” a song where Macklemore bemoans the killing of innocent kids for Air Jordans, a status symbol. When he sold the song—and re-edited the song—for the NBA All-Star Game, he declared that the NBA wasn’t part of the problem, that they weren’t the ones propping up these shoes as status symbols. Then he teamed up with the company who makes the shoes and made his own pair.

via Seattle News and Events | Macklemore, Jewface, and the Evolution of ‘Thrift Shop’.

Get your Seattle “Salmon” colored Jordans at a store near you! WTF, G?

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    June 14, 2014    

    ……talk about selling your soul to the man……….. looks like Jordan helped give him a ride there!

  2. Eric Ralph Eric Ralph
    June 15, 2014    

    This is insane… I deleted all his music from the site. Meaning = lost.

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