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Gore has done nothing but dissemble our great franchise since he took it over. He’s a classic rich brat who thinks he can demand winning.

He’s about to force Joe Dumars to resign. Who the hell does he think he is? The guy who saved us from the teal-era and took us to six straight conference finals and a championship, not to mention a two-time champion as a player for Detroit.

This has to be the last straw, Pistons fans. Look at what’s happened this season alone:

1) Gore fails to draft Trey Burke, National College Player of the Year from our own backyard, Michigan.

2) Gore fires established veteran coach Maurice Cheeks 50 games into the season. If that big red PANIC button was real, he’d be sitting on it. Assistant interim Loyer has been so obnoxious and terrible that the Pistons fell out of playoff contention in the worst conference in the history of professional sports. Under Cheeks’ .420 winning percentage the Pistons would sit just 2.5 games back of the 8th seed. Instead, Loyer has rattled off a 7-20 record, dropping us below Cleveland (yikes).

3) Gore parades the Champion Bad Boys out in front of the Palace to sell tickets. Shameful. While impossible to subtract from the Boys’ swag, it was a contrived, too quick event clearly designed to use them instead of purely celebrate them. In a season without ticket sales, he set us up to be embarrassed by losing to Miami that night by 30 points.

4) The Pistons play Philadelphia, who has lost 26 in a row and is going for the NBA-loss record. Detroit gets demolished on George Blaha’s birthday. Where is James Cameron to save the bar?

This is the last straw for me, removing Pistons legend Dumars from the front office position he has been entrenched in before this junior boy owner even knew the Bad Boys existed.

I know our players deserve our unconditional love no matter what.

But, I would refuse to attend a Pistons game just for the rest of this year. Boycott the final home game, G’s.

We have to stand up for our team.

Detroit has one more home game on Sunday, April 13 against the Toronto Raptors. LET’S REVERSE BLACKOUT THIS THING: LET’S EMPTY THE ARENA IN PROTEST.

Fuck our new owner. If there’s one thing he can’t let go, it’s money. If we make him lose money on the Pistons at the Palace, he might just sell the team to someone with a soul.

We have to try.

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  1. TheSportingSnarf TheSportingSnarf
    April 8, 2014    

    Not to mention last season’s trade of Tayshaun Prince, the last semblance of winning left on the Pistons.

  2. oldschool oldschool
    April 8, 2014    

    …………… SOS to any owner out there with enough sense to see it…… by the dollar and you die by it………boycott the last home game for sure and don’t buy any season tickets yet……. this jerkwad of an owner owes the fans and the City some accountability for wiping his ass with our franchise!!

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