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January 2014
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Michigan Snarfs One in East Lansing

Michigan started hot, leading 10-2 out of the gate. Then, hack-a-Wolverine started. Blame MSU, sure, but WTF, refs? Can’t blow the whistle?

I have never been so worked up by a sporting event ever, and I freak out on the regular. They were all over us. Everywhere you moved, foul. That is not basketball. That is the worst form of it that exists: there is no flow and it isn’t fun to watch. We trailed six at halftime, and I was delirious.

The second half started to change. The refs gave us many more foul calls (three first half FTs vs. 27; even though some happened at the end, that’s a big difference), which made me feel bad for the Spartans. Show some consistency, refs! Michigan scored 50 in the second half compared to 30 in the first. Clutch free throw shooting and a run at the end of the game made the final score in our favor, 80-75.

U of M shot 11/19 on 3′s and 25/30 at the stripe. MSU only committed five turnovers to our 11.

It is the first time ever Michigan played three straight teams in the Top 10. We beat all three.



  1. oldschool oldschool
    January 26, 2014    

    …………………….Sparty sure could have used the broken hand man…… time stomp your foot eh!

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      January 29, 2014    

      We are lucky you didn’t bring the “Payne”

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