Snarf (snärf): A humorous occurrence and/or person, specifically one relating to the world of sport

Insult to Injury: Ass Alabama Kicker Receives Letter from George W.

Cade Foster of Alabama Crimson Tide receives letter of support from former President George W. Bush – ESPN.

As if being the national goat wasn’t enough, Cade Foster received a letter from W.

First of all, W cannot read or write. Poor Foster asked, “Fingerpaint?”

Secondly, it’s like receiving a vote of support from George Zimmerman. “Yeah, I know how hard life can be sometimes. But you’re white – keep your head up, kid.”

You don’t want that guy offering a helping hand, for god’s sake.

Let me help the kid:

Dear kid,

You aren’t Adam Griffith, the snarf who gave Auburn the single greatest moment in college football history. The End.

Love, Snarf

C’mon, playa! That other Alabama kicker handed Auburn the ball, right?


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  1. oldschool oldschool
    December 12, 2013    

    …………………….. a support note from a guy who has missed wide right his entire life but still does’t realize that he wasn’t even in the game!

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      December 15, 2013    

      lol Dubya

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