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Daily archives for December 11th, 2013

Insult to Injury: Ass Alabama Kicker Receives Letter from George W.

Cade Foster of Alabama Crimson Tide receives letter of support from former President George W. Bush – ESPN. As if being the national goat wasn’t enough, Cade Foster received a letter from W. First of all, W cannot read or write. Poor Foster asked, “Fingerpaint?” Secondly, it’s like receiving a vote of support from George […]

NFL Needs Medical Marijuana

Is it time for the NFL to embrace marijuana? – ESPN The Magazine – ESPN. Great article by HoBo. Actually alleviated any and all guilt I had remaining as a snarf with a fractured calcaneus repaired by several screws. “pain — and not politics or culture — is the real issue.” “And given that marijuana […]

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