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Should the Washington Redskins change their name?
  • 20%

  • 16%

  • 41%

  • 24%

DiscussTotal votes: 758

via espnW — Sports personalities recall where they were for ‘Battle of the Sexes’ match.

41% of you don’t understand the big deal?

For real???

Is there any other race that is singled out for a sports logo? These are names like Lions, Tigers, Red Wings: animals, symbols, etc. NOT HUMAN BEINGS. What if after WWII we were the yellow men? HOW IS RED-SKIN ANY FUCKING DIFFERENT.


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  1. old school old school
    September 27, 2013    

    ……………….where is the decency to do the right thing!…………this is ancient history prejudice….this is how you go down the road of hate when you laugh or dismiss the rights and feelings of others…….it’s the shame of America!

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