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Mermaids: What Aren’t They Telling Us?

Has anyone else fancied a glance at the show on Discovery?

Scientists have evidence of fucking Mermaids.


These creatures seem to have evolved into human-fish. The footage is amazing:

Lol. I know this is ridiculous. But then again, it isn’t.

Christopher Columbus, the Vikings, and snarfs throughout history logged records of seeing sea people when they crossed the ocean.

There is a lot of science that goes into this. The skeleton is consistent in modern day’s findings and in different sections of history. They have webbed hands and a crest on their head. The sounds that they’ve recorded them making in the ocean and their bone structures aren’t the same as any other known species.

The special really does it justice. These scientists found the remains of one of the “mermaids” in South Africa but had their stuff took away 1984 style by the government. They seem to know.

Here is more testimony:

Watch the special and see for yourself if you haven’t already, or just try and go to our boy farsantePaul Robertson’s website


Fuck me. This is pretty funny so I won’t remove it, it seems to have hoaxed us all…


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  1. Carmen's Gravatar Carmen
    May 29, 2013    

    OK, the first video makes me want to learn more, the second video makes me want to send it to my friends (as a joke) to scare the crap out of them.

    • Young $narf's Gravatar Young $narf
      May 30, 2013    

      yeah that 2nd one is a little ridiculous… but maybe not?

  2. Young $narf's Gravatar Young $narf
    May 31, 2013    

    This might have been embellished by Young $

    SORRY… I guess a lot of this is true, but they used actors. From what I can gather, seeing as there are credits and an IMDB page, Dr. Paul is an actor.


  3. Young $narf's Gravatar Young $narf
    May 31, 2013    

    Those snarfs based it all on the sonar-sound recordings call bloops or bleeps. Why did they have to fuck with me?

  4. oldschool's Gravatar oldschool
    May 31, 2013    

    ……………………..why not just give the disclaimer at the beginning so we can see it……..we’re all watching it because the unknown is already interesting……..It’s not like I’m going to dump my religion just cause I saw a beached merman………..what happens when they find Bigfoot?

  5. Young $narf's Gravatar Young $narf
    September 15, 2013    


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