But these referees are blind.

The Clippers trailed 3 at the end of one, and 8 at the end of two & three.

The game started slow. Truthfully, we played great defense, but we couldn’t find our offense all night. Blake got it going towards the end of the first, but something was off. Chris Paul got T’d up and had no assists in the first half. The Grizz are fine with fouling on every play. If the refs don’t step up, Z-Bo will hold on every board. You think him and Gasol can jump with Griffin and DeAndre Jordan? Hell no.

Every Clipper rally seem to be stifled by bad calls. We thrive on the fastbreak, but when we can’t rebound the typical ass shot by Memphis because Randolph cheated to get the offensive rebound, we suffer. We shot the exact same percentage, but they had 17 offensive rebounds to our 5. We went 21-23 at the FT line, killing it. Mem took 38 FT attempts, getting 29 fouls on our guys including an atrocious flagrant foul.

I’m telling you the refs are FUCKING UP.