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What Works? By Eric Ralph

According to Mitt Romney, Planned Parenthood is not the way to go. Sure, we all want the same thing: less unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases – but being shy about sex education is hurting our health. The states who provide abstinence only education have the highest rates of STD’s and teen pregnancies (Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation, “Sex Education”). Planned Parenthood chief to campaign ‘full time’ for Obama in final weeksindicates where the group stands.

Besides the most blatant issues (Gay Veteran Talks to Mitt Romney), like equality for all men and women of any sexual orientation (equal pay wages, marriage benefits, etc.), here is a brief rundown of what Mitt Romney actually stands for if elected president in comparison with Barack Obama.

Schools: Governor Romney thinks college kids should borrow money from their parents. That works, if their parents are in the top one percent of the nation’s wealth like Mitt. In Massachusetts, when governor, Romney raised interest rates on student loans and has spoke about not aiding college students, who will someday more than pay back their country through service after receiving the proper education.

President Barack Obama has continued to fight to keep interest rates low for college students, a primary factor in today’s college world. Most students, like myself, relied on loans to pay for college. Furthermore, Obama made it a priority the past four years to hire more teachers. Under the previous Republican regime, Pres. George W. Bush saw our country fall behind in the ranks of math and science to other countries. Bush labeled our public schools failures under No Child Left Behind, effectively slashing their funding. Romney has a similar no government-funding style.

With all the headlines involving our economy, it is important to note that technology is the leading factor in an economy’s growth. With the auto industry, we’ve seen a resurgence, specifically in Detroit, under Obama. Attention to detail in our education system is what leads to the engineers and workers who have the knowledge to drive our economy.

Other issues:

-A five trillion dollar tax break for the top one percent paid for by one hundred percent of us is a part of Romney’s plan if president (Even Fox News doesn’t buy Romney’s “six studies” on tax policy …) “This is not a mistake; this is the plan. Who are the lucky flesh and blood people who would benefit from this 13-digit tax cut? That’s a tricky question to answer, but the latest figures from the Tax Policy Center estimate that 53 percent of the corporate income tax falls on the top 1 percent” (

-Protecting American business with unions, incentives to stay, and handling international affairs. TheNobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded to Barack H. Obama “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” (

-The environment. “The Romney-Ryan energy plan reads like an oil industry wish list: Giving billions in taxpayer-funded handouts to corporate polluters, rolling back vital environmental safeguards and slashing investments in clean energy technologies – all while completely ignoring the climate crisis” (League of Conservation Voters).

-Health care for the poor, the elderly, and anyone who needs it (Romney will repeal Obama’s health care reform which extended health care coverage to more people).

“For all of these reasons, scaling back the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in order to require more low-income working families to pay federal income taxes in years when their incomes are low would be a significant step backward, discouraging work and increasing poverty” ( If Romney was real about saving money, we’d stop pretending these short-term quick fixes work and know, in the long run, helping the lower and middle class helps generate money. The type of absolute unbalanced approach the Romney-Paul ticket offers, which entails a refusal to spend government money at all costs, has been proven to cripple a country in a recession.

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    October 24, 2012    

    ………….this article exposes the fraud of the Republican Party……….to subdue education of the people is a crime and the eventual death sentence for free society…………..who is helping people and who is embellishing himself?…….to deny the science of Global Warming, the care of Human Body, the value of our own people is a mantra of a demigod and a Dictator………oldschool stands behind Obama because I have already heard the disgusting , ignorant, elitist rhetoric of the 50’s white man and have found him to be a major league ass-hole with all the sincerity of a pubic louse…………..let’s stop the retreat to the dark ages…………….. tell these “Republicans”……………no!

  2. Johnb686 Johnb686
    June 25, 2014    

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