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Rangers @ A’s to End Season

A’s 2 GB in AL West to Rangers. Other notable series: Rays/Orioles Red Sox/Yankees Tigers/Royals White Sox/Indians Cardinals/Reds Dodgers/Giants

Redskins Snarf Bucs in Tampa Bay

Redskins Snarf Bucs in Tampa Bay

Should have known the Redskins were for real when they added Billy Cundiff.

From Prince Fielder’s Homer to Rodney’s 9th

Tigers 2 Twins 1 AL CENTRAL: CWS 3 GB Three games left. Tigers own tiebreaker meaning a one-game playoff in Detroit IS THE MINIMUM OUTCOME FOR DETROIT. We will be playing more than 162. Games 160, 161, and 162 will take place in Kansas City, all at 8:00 PM.

Is There A Bigger Disappointment This Season Than:

Is There A Bigger Disappointment This Season Than:

Lions-Vikings @ 1:00

In Minny, it’s time to remind snarfs how ass Ponder is!

One Month Away

“(Garnett) doesn’t need to be talking to our team anyway, so it’s all good,” Dwyane Wade said. “(Allen) doesn’t look too bad in a Heat uniform. At first it was weird but now I’m getting used to it.” The Heat host the Celtics to open the season on Oct. 30. via Miami Heat’s Ray Allen […]

Tigers-Twins @ 2:10

Game #158 CWS 2 GB


“I drank way too much beer to lose that game.” -Oldschool Amen.

Tigers Fall 4-2, WSox Make Up Game

With five games left, Detroit has a one game lead on the White Sox in the American League Central Division. Tomorrow, the Twins/Tigers play at 4:00 PM on FOX nationally. Justin Verlander is Detroit’s starter, snarfs.

Face of Phil

Face of Phil

Sign of the Apocalypse

The executives presided over last year’s Tustin Junior Pee Wee Red Cobras, a team of mainly 10- and 11-year-olds. The Orange County Register says a group of parents alleges that head coach Darren Crawford and an assistant coach offered players cash for getting big hits and for knocking rivals out of playoff games last season. […]

South Park Nails NFL’s Concussion/Safety Problem & Replacement Refs THE NIGHT THEY SIGN NEW DEAL

#SouthParkIsGod The NFL and the NFL Referees Association reached an agreement late Wednesday night to end the referee lockout, the league confirmed via NFL, officials reach agreement to end lockout – Chicago Bears – ESPN Chicago.

Holy Shit – Tampa’s won 8 in a row?

Holy Shit – Tampa’s won 8 in a row?

Damn, Rodney-swag.

Fielder’s “Double”

Of all the Royal errors, the scoring team rules this one a clean double – fuck yea. Detroit – Bottom of 9th SCORE Tim Collins pitching for Kansas City KC DET T Collins relieved A Crow. 4 4 P Fielder doubled to shallow center.

Rodney Strikes Out Dunn to End the 9th

Rodney Strikes Out Dunn to End the 9th

3-2 final Rays win. Was there any doubt?

Fister Fans 9 in a Row – Tigers Win

Awaiting the Rays/White Sox outcome, Detroit sits at 1.5 games ahead of Chicago.

NFL Referees Fucking Up

Why worry about protecting the field with the best refs? It’s not like there’s a giant concussion and health problem in the NFL. The Green Bay/Seattle call pushed it over the top.

Video: Jon Stewart Says Mitt Romney’s Dad, One of the 47%, Would Not Vote for Him

Video: Jon Stewart Says Mitt Romney’s Dad, One of the 47%, Would Not Vote for Him.

Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes — “47%”

Finally, over the past several decades, policymakers have essentially relied more on the EITC to supplement low wages and less on the minimum wage, which they have allowed to decline by 19 percent in purchasing power since its peak in 1968 (i.e., the minimum wage has fallen by 19 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars). For all […]

Jon Stewart calls BULL FUCKING SHIT on Romney


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