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I Can’t Believe How Quick Snarfs Give Up

IT IS SICKENING to see people root for a team when they’re winning only to discredit them, talk shit, and stop supporting that same team when they’re down. Fake ass fuckers. Tigers 7, Sox 4. Top 8th.

TheSportingSnarf: Montana Is Better Than Brady

TheSportingSnarf: Montana Is Better Than Brady


Tigers Need Some Offense


Rick Reilly: Armstrong Still Worth Honoring

So Lance Armstrong may have cheated, just like everybody else. Or maybe he gave up the fight because the whole thing was more crooked than San Francisco’s Lombard St. After all, USADA convicted him on hearsay, not proof. They don’t have a single failed sample to hang their hats on — Armstrong has never failed […]

How Much Danker Was 8 Than 24?

How Much Danker Was 8 Than 24?

WTF, Kobe?

Report: Lions Trying to Trade for RB

via Report: Lions trying to trade for running back | ProFootballTalk. J Best got put on the PUP list to start the season – meaning he has to miss the Lions’ first six games.

The Bleacher Bitch

Bleacher Report. What fuckers. After LAC beat Memphis in the playoffs last year, this is the best you could do? Sites are always forcing content whenever they can think of a stupid idea for rankings or a list. BR needed bold predictions for the upcoming season. Hard to imagine with Billups back that LAC would be […]

Donna Summer ~ Bad Girls

WTF Happened to the Indians?

WTF Happened to the Indians?

You Cleveland fans know who you are, and you talked shit like you were on the Detroit Tigers’ level – you not. Cleveland Indians, way to fall below the Royals.


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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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