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Daily archives for May 3rd, 2012

Delonte West Defines Douche Bag

Delonte West Defines Douche Bag

Who saw him just shove Thunder G Derek Fisher after the play when both were out of bounds? Earlier this season, the punk stuck his finger in Gordon Hayward’s ear, below:

Dallas Is Done

Add Mavericks, Knicks to teams trailing 3-0.

“Great Denial” 51-51 MIA/NYK

3rd Quarter ticking away. Kevin Harlan with the gem on Bosh’s block.

It’s Miller Time!

Talking about the theater lighting at Madison Square Garden: “It truly is the best arena in the building.” -Reggie Miller, TNT

Bobcats Really Branching Out

Stephen Silas, Paul Silas’ son, is being interviewed for the coach. SS was the Bobkittens assistant, so he’s familiar with their winning ways (and by winning – I definitely mean keeping the losing streak alive!).

Oh Hey, It’s Mike Conley

Oh Hey, It’s Mike Conley
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