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Monthly archives for May, 2012

Tiger Double Play

The Detroit Tigers are 15th in the MLB in Runs. 11th in Total Bases. 9th in On-Base & Slugging Percentage. How does this translate? We’re not taking advantage of our runners. On defense, our Opponent OBP rank (18), isn’t as bad as our Runs Allowed (21) or Total Bases (22), meaning teams are scoring efficiently […]

Love the One You’re With


Dogs V. Romney

Mariner Madness ARLINGTON, TX – MAY 30

M’s make it 8 straight – they score 8 runs in the 2nd and 3rd for the football final, 21-8 over Texas. Teach Detroit how to beat the Rangers, G’s!

Heat, Kings Roll

Kings win in New Jersey 2-1 (OT/F). Heat defeat Celtics, who blew it, in OT, too, 115-111. That 3 by Battier to tie it was too beautiful. Courtesy of ESPN: 94-89 2:55 Boston full timeout 2:55 94-90 LeBron James makes free throw 1 of 2 2:55 94-91 LeBron James makes free throw 2 of 2 […]

Michigan Wolverines’ Commit Logan Tuley-Tillman Burns Ohio State Recruitment Letter


Gregg’s Gay Bag of Tricks

Spurs Gregg Popovich holds the pouch.

Defensive Shift for Oklahoma City

The Mavs & Lakers don’t play defense like the Spurs. Adjusting to their offensive schemes is tough, too.

Spurs Gay Groove

Going for 20 in a row tonight, off to 10-2 start.

Del Swag Back as Clipper Cap’


Tigers Ace Verlander Vs. Red Sox

@ 7:00 PM tonight against opposing SP Bard. Boston (24-24) won yesterday, 7-4, AIDED BY SOME BULL SHIT. Tonight, JV looks to right the ship.

French Open Underway

Crazy, Nadal is disrespected and given the 2 seed – Joker is #1.

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