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Daily archives for April 24th, 2012

Also Guaranteeing…

The Thunder or the Lakers will play the Mavericks in round 1. So after one round, one of these will be true: Thunder Lakers Mavericks

Lakers Take Pacific

Locking the Clips/Grizz into Round 1: The NBA, it’s fannnnnnnnntastic.

Young $narf’s Heritage

British Irish German Canadian Swiss Slightly Native American

Snarflings in Indonesia

Que pasa?

NBA Playoffs Lie in Wake

Who es preparado? Es imposible.  

A Wise Man Once Told Me…

It’s whatever you make it.  

From the Fans to the Players

OKC feels like a kid’s team.

STAT Bounces Back Vs. Hawks

22 pts (9-13) 12 rebs and the W

Jury in on Jimmer

…just another shitty white boy. Check.

Controversy Sells?

The New Orleans Saints are loud and proud!

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