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Daily archives for April 21st, 2012

Sacramento Only Obstacle for 19-L in a Row Bobkitten

Michael Jordan – simply tremendous. 20 in a row is on the line, folks: Sunday, April 22.

Ted Nugent Threats or Free Speech? – ASSHOLE AMERICANS

Do you really think or feel that Ted Nugent threatened the presidents life?  Is it really that hard to read in-between the lines? As an American I see his comments as “Free Speech.”  Y$: YES I DO. IT IS VERY HARD TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES OF A RANTING LUNATIC. via Ted Nugent Threats or Free Speech? […]

Have They No Decency?

MATACONIS But the asymmetric polarization of our politics has made such accusations within the easy reach of politically successful ideologues at unguarded moments. via Have They No Decency?.

Ted Nugent Should Be in Jail –

The bigger question is why is it OK to say you’re going to kill the president, and by OK, I mean legal? via Ted Nugent should be in jail –

Where’s the outrage over Republican’s ‘communist’ claim? –

New York (CNN) — “I have here in my hand a list of 205 communists …” The ghost of Joe McCarthy’s ulcerous accusations hung over a disturbingly casual comment this past week by U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Florida. When asked by a constituent at a town hall, “What percentage of the American legislature do you […]

Michigan to Romney: Go away –

If Romney didn’t think a bailout was the best way to help the state, he should have said that when he came here looking for delegates and let the people at his rallies decide if they agreed with him. Instead he pandered, then kicked dirt in our faces on his way out the door — […]

RGIII Is My #1

RGIII Is My #1

If Texas Makes the Playoffs…

The Tigers are toast! But for real – it’s like they score 10 runs every time they play Detroit.

Whitesnake – Here I Go Again


Now That STAT’s Back…

Now That STAT’s Back…

1. Knicks lose to Cleveland (yikes). 2. Manny Harris (12 boards) outrebounds everyone on the Knicks, including Amare, who snagged 3. 3. Melo, who was averaging 30+ PPG in April, took only 13 shots, making 5 for 12 points. Not hating, because STAT’s a G. They need to figure out how to coexist in NY.

Easy NBA Rookie of the Year Call

Kyrie Irving, snarf.

Salud, Wings

Hopefully, they add some goal scorers – we can’t score. But here is to what was accomplished: an outstanding season (Detroit takes those 100-point seasons for granted, eh?) with a new NHL record for consecutive wins at home. HOCKEYTOWN IS FEARED, ALWAYS. WE CAN BUILD ON THIS!

Still 4/20 in Cali! Three 6 Mafia – Stay Fly

I Gotta Stay…YouTube…. ’til I die….

David Lee Roth – Just A Gigolo



Classic. Gem.

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