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— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Westbrook Not Falling Off

Impressive showing (6-10) so far, allowing the Thunder to sustain a basic lead. Notice, though, the Mavericks hanging around. But… is he ready to spazz?

Thor (Bosh), Superman (James), and Batman (Wade) Take Game 2

The Miami Heat are 2-0. (Why is Bosh Thor? Wade Batman? LeBron Superman? Seriously?! Bosh is the big man. LeBron is supremely gifted. Wade creates something out of nothing; he has no super power, he just wins.)

Jim Carrey Is Dismayed

Jim Carrey Is Dismayed

Gucci Mane ft. Juicy J , Project Pat – 30 Inches Remix – YouTube

Gucci Mane ft. Juicy J , Project Pat – 30 Inches Remix – YouTube.

Updated Tale

Updated Tale

Tale of Salt Lake City: Forgot About Evans Eric Ralph, Yahoo! Contributor Network Post a comment We begin this game in progress at 76-78, Jazz lead. History: The Jazz own the Clippers in Utah, with the last Clipper victory being 2003. It is the fourth quarter, Jazz ball. The Jazz botch a basic lay-in, but draw […]

Project Pat- What Money Do (Unedited) – YouTube

Project Pat- What Money Do (Unedited) – YouTube.

Mavs Will Win Game 2

Dirk. Durant. Westbrook? He has to play well enough to even give Durant a chance. In Game 1, it came down to Durant vs. Dirk, but that was because Westbrick was not bricking, positioning the Thunder to win.

Good Game Gamin’

It’s on TNT, it’s Heat-Knicks. Close game approaching halftime.

Do You Believe, Clipperland?


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