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February 2012
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”The Wire”: Season 5, More With Less [5.01] |


Fans of the show are outraged that The Wire has never been given its just ratings or awards.

Good to see, though, as evidenced by the opening scene, that David Simon and company aren’t going to start pandering now in the hopes of expanding their audience.

Bunk used a tried-and-true method to break one of his punk suspects, convincing the kid that the Xerox machine was a state-of-the-art lie detector.

”Americans are a stupid people by and large,” Bunk’s partner told a rookie detective. ”We pretty much believe whatever we’re told.”

”The bigger the lie, the more they believe,” said Bunk.

A tidy summation, perhaps, of our indifferent electorate, but more importantly the epigraph to last night’s zip of a show.

via ”The Wire”: The Paper Trail Recap |

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  1. Maggie Maggie
    March 20, 2012    

    I hope they bring The Wire back for a new season! Does any one know if this will happen? I heard somewhere that they were going to. I love this show. It’s so REAL!

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