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Daily archives for January 25th, 2012

24 Times

24 Times

Big Ben has scored 3 blocks in the 1st quarter. Including today’s Heat battle. Bosh is 6-6 with 13 in an unrelated fact, snarfs.

Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder

“You’re talking about two guys who can carry a team,” said one scout. “Just lethal. And from each side of the plate.” But girth aside, the bottom line is this: No matter what you think of the money the Tigers shelled out for Prince Fielder, no matter how messy the defensive ramifications might turn out […]

Round 2

Due to the shortened season, the Clippers/Lakers only play 3 times, per usual 4. So, since the Clips took round 1, tonight is due or die with the tiebreaker.



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