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Daily archives for January 9th, 2012

2012 People Magazine Media

Darf clowns at worldstarhiphop are not helping to perpetuate false news reports. We have seen these snarfs in 2011 say Stephen A Smith busted out the “n” word on First Take, a terrible show on ESPN. Clearly, no one except SAS knows, for after watching it at least 20+ times, I can attest, the line […]

Tamyra Gray

One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite shows, Boston Public. Gray, fourth on the first season of American Idol, is incredible and would have beaten white-pride Kelly Clarkson if not for being hospitalized and coldly voted off.

Mile High Salute

To Tim Tebow, Tim, you have received undue criticism all year. You are only a sophomore with a cheap rookie campaign, and a successful two-time college champion (Hello, Heisman). Merrill Hodge, suck it (LeBron, fist-pound). Before Bayless hams it up, let’s analyze how Tebow is overlooked. This G is called a snarf for barely moving […]



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