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I searched for like an hour looking for an Old English “D” to put in the title. The internet is poop.

3 AM

Matchbox 20:

Move Over, LeBron

Not quite… according to NBA TV, it was better than LeBron’s dunk… not quite. Still, Blake Nasty:

Lob Angeles

It has been coined. Impressive showing for LAC vs. Western’s best, OKC Thunder. Game #18 = victory, 12-6.

Move Over, Vinsanity

Remember Carter’s dunk over International Snarf? This time, try an NBA player:

Halftime, OKC/LAC

In Progress – Halftime Series (Game 1 of 4) Series starts 1/30 Game 1: Monday, January 30th Thunder 46 (16-3, 8-2 away) Clippers 64 (11-6, 9-2 home) via Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Clippers – Box Score – January 30, 2012 – ESPN.

Solar Eclipse over the USA – MAY 20 2012

Jan. 27, 2012: Mark your calendar.  On Sunday, May 20th, the sun is going to turn into a ring of fire.  Its an annular solar eclipse–the first one in the USA in almost 18 years. via Solar Eclipse over the USA – NASA Science.

Killer Dolphins (Maybe)

Killer Dolphins (Maybe) “People usually laugh when you mention the idea of killer dolphins, trained by the military.  But there may be a touch of truth behind the seemingly-silly notion. (Stick with me, this will take a bit of explanation.  But I think you’ll find it worth your while.)” Read More @

How We Snarf

Thank God Flutie is There

To teach us about the drop kick.

Big Win in #17 vs. Denver: Rematch Thursday on TNT

Clippers 109, Nuggets 105. Deal sealed with C-3P0’s FTs. 11-6. Next Game #18, tomorrow, continuing our Tv studded schedule vs OKC. Wednesday, Utah, ESPN.  

Nuggs, Pro Bowl, Out of Reach

Clippers up 4 – AFC up alot more.

Heat win Thriller vs. Chi Town

Win for LeBron in the MVP vote.

No White House for Timmy

lol Reminding us of why he is in the snarf hall of fame with those glorious postgame remarks following today’s All-Star Skate.

All-Star Sunday

The NHL Players did they weird thing, picking sides, with the home teams’ biased snarf squad falling to the Gods of the well-picked side, including Tim Thomas and Pavel Datsyuk. The Pro Bowl is Still Slappin, AFC 38 NFC 35, Brandon Marshall vs. Larry Fitzgerald, in the 4th quarter, 12 Minutes Left!  

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