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Eddy Curry: WTF

I am nervous about the Heat again because of their lack of a real center.

Irregardless to his lack of potential production, Eddy Curry showed his immaturity after WW3 hit another last second go-ahead bucket tonight.

Curry could be seen in dress clothes on the sidelines saying “Mother Fucker. Mother Fucker,” emphatically.

This is wrong, and especially the wrong message to send to kids. You don’t need to belittle your opponent.

Hopefully, Curry can recognize his ways. Either way, I RECOGNIZE HIS BEHAVIOR AND AM CALLING HIM OUT BY MAKING HIM AN EXAMPLE.

It’s like with Skip Bayless. Even though he’s dead wrong in his style (soap opera skip) – be intelligent like Aaron Rodgers: don’t go into the Cobra-den, defeat him with words from afar: “shock artist.”

Labeled. Owned. The End.

I would never waste time engaging Skip to let him rant, but I’m not afraid of writing about him and showing what he is.

That’s why you gotta love the haters and not just be too cool to defeat them: it’s the only way to hold them up to the light way and actually make them go away.

Like with the Republicans running for President in 2012.

I know we don’t want to even acknowledge Bayless’ existence, but otherwise, he’s influencing people without any contention (albeit Stephen A. thank God). This is the United States, people get to run and they are in the race. Just don’t be mad when you act a fool and get your ass kicked (See: Cain, Herman):

I reference this scene from the opening of The Wire’s Premiere First Episode First Season.

Notice that a Real Brotha doesn’t disrespect a snarf just because he might fuck up – he’s not afraid to fuck with him back.

“Why’d you even let him in the game,” asks McNulty.

“What?” the G asks confused.

“If Snot-Boogy always stole the money, why’d you let him play?”

“Got to. This America, man.”


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  1. Young $narf Young $narf
    December 31, 2011    

    The drama queens spread nonsense to misinformed or undecided minds unless a strong force like Obama is there to protect the truth.

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