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Pay Now or Pay More Later

America, America, America: since you won’t just help poor people purely out of goodness, let’s mathematically explain why not helping is not working.

Exhibit: Schools.

Raise the standard to make every school publicly funded as good as private schools. No more building your own schools and creating separate and unequal teaching for select people.

Why is this smart? Because once a man or woman is educated, they can give back to the U.S.A.

If we don’t help them?

We still pay them. Jail cost more than college.

Medical and hospital bills for those starved people that are susceptible to disease.

We end up with the bills, so why not just give people aid at the beginning, Republicans, and save money?



CLEAN ENVIRONMENTS (Trash cans, clean air, regulated car emissions, free shelter, food, water, and sanitation)

YOU WILL NEVER SEE A REAL FLOURISHING STATE/UTOPIA WITHOUT letting people access the resources to fucking achieve it.

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  1. clarkes clarkes
    November 15, 2011    

    Like a lantern in foggy weather, those words are a beacon of hope. It appears that the ones running this show never experienced what its like to attend an under funded school. Have any of these empty suit Republicans ever had to watch family struggle with money and keeping food on the table? Put faith back in the people and good will come of it.

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