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That’s how many Rockford Football players have played at U of M since 1973.

Bentley Historical Library
University of Michigan Football Rosters

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No. Name Pos. Year Letter Class Hgt. Wgt. Hometown State High School
56 Hart, William J. C 1970 v So. 6-4 215 Rockford MI Rockford
50 Smith, Michael C. C 1970 _ Jr. 6-2 220 Rockford MI Rockford H.S.
56 Hart, William J. C 1971 v Jr. 6-4 227 Rockford MI Rockford
56 Hart, William J. C 1972 v Sr. 6-4 227 Rockford MI Rockford

I’ve noticed Rockford dominates at a HS level due to steroids, being stronger than any other school, literally letting players lift weights in illegal Advanced Condition extra Football Practice, having the most people, etc., but doesn’t sent ANYONE to the State’s top Football Program.


Is it because Rockford doesn’t give these players room to develop, instead maxing out every muscle like HS Football Robots?

Weight lifting at an early age is dangerous and may stunt growth…

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    November 1, 2011    

    ……………………. but they have so many dumbells to lift there.

  2. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    maybe these kids aren’t getting cultured: The racial makeup of the township was 97.67% White (CANNON TOWNSHIP)

    the city of rockford – The racial makeup of the township was 97.67% White

  3. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    DETROIT The census reported that the city had 82.7% Black

  4. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    10% white

  5. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    67.30% White American (62.5% non-Hispanic White), 20.41% African American – GRAND RAPIDS

  6. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    WHOLE USA Race/Ethnicity (2010)[168]
    White 72.4%
    Black/African American 12.6%

  7. Young $narf Young $narf
    November 6, 2011    

    16 % Hispanic Latino
    5 % Asian

  8. Young $narf Young $narf
    September 9, 2012    

    Wouldn’t you know it – this season, they get the first.

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