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October 2011
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The Cardinals

Are winning this whole canoe.

ChristTheCarpenter or Winnie the Pujols para MVP?

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  1. Young $narf Young $narf
    October 28, 2011    

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

    Cardinals were my enemy; now, it’s Texas.

    The enemy of Texas is St. Louis.

    Go Cardinals.

  2. Young $narf Young $narf
    October 28, 2011    

    they both normally could suck a dick, but the Cardinals aren’t that gay, and, well, Texas is.

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      October 28, 2011    

      that whole comment is really, really gay; that’s cool, though, obv

  3. Young $narf Young $narf
    October 28, 2011    

    plus, I like the comeback— choke by Nolan Ryan

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      October 28, 2011    

      also, quite Phallic in nature and quite gay

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