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Monthly archives for October, 2011

Pay Now or Pay More Later

America, America, America: since you won’t just help poor people purely out of goodness, let’s mathematically explain why not helping is not working. Exhibit: Schools. Raise the standard to make every school publicly funded as good as private schools. No more building your own schools and creating separate and unequal teaching for select people. Why is […]

Give it a chance, and you’ll see

“Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” -The Santa Clause **HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND LET THE HOLIDAYS ROLL**


Miller Light unmanly-scooter


That’s how many Rockford Football players have played at U of M since 1973. Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan Football Rosters   M GoBlue  | Bentley Library |  UM Football History | Roster Info | Search Help | New Search     No. Name Pos. Year Letter Class Hgt. Wgt. Hometown State High School 56 Hart, William J. C 1970 v So. 6-4 215 Rockford […]

Shhhhhhhh (Joe Buck, we mean, you)

When it’s time to step up, step up; but most the time, it’s not our time to shine. It’s like every 24 Hrs ESPN is caught up endlessly dissecting. Most of us aren’t experts on shit. When Stern is called a plantation owner, let it sink in. We seem so afraid of guilt that we […]

Props to Arian Foster

Muther Fucker is back.

Greatest Story Ever #1B

2006-07 playoffs: Mary J Blige pumps out the best rendition of the Anthem EVER right before Peyton does Peyton and knocks out the Patriots for the first time, en route to his Super Bowl.

Greatest Story Ever #1A

Jason McElwain This G steps in and makes it rain. Do you believe in miracles?  

Snarfway to Hell

ACDC Highway to Hell

Your MVP: Freese

Snarf (Mine: See other post)

At the End of the Day…

We all see what we see, huh?

The Cardinals

The Cardinals

Are winning this whole canoe. ChristTheCarpenter or Winnie the Pujols para MVP?

Lions: The Truth

Like Trae. Just know that this Lions fan is not up and down like Paris Hilton; I read between the lines, and I was there for a shocking 4th and Goal to a top 10 San Fran team. I saw a tough ATL get snarf and beat us, but barely. So how aren’t we still […]

the flaming lips do you realize – YouTube

the flaming lips do you realize – YouTube.

Nelson Cruz

Launches Another… lol he’s the MVP

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